The Artist


“I use photography as a means of telling a story. I am drawn to detail, places and moments in time. I appreciate simplicity, things historical, the joy and beauty of nature and the majesty and inspiration of fine architecture. I am captivated by the experiences of those who have gone before and left us with things to ponder on, to wonder about – pieces of themselves that continue to enrich our present day experience. Light, darkness and silence, in all their myriad forms, guide me, encourage me and compel me to see with my camera and hold moments in time.”

Barbara Allan, Photographer

Toronto, Canada


Project Gallery, Toronto

Heritage Properties, Toronto

A Month of Photography Photo Festival, Mississauga

The Steam Whistle Brewery, Toronto

Contact Toronto Photography Festival, Toronto

Toronto Jazz Festival, Toronto

Art Detour, Toronto

Donovan By Design, Toronto

Rosedale United Church Gallery, Toronto


A session fee covers the shoot itself, with no obligation to purchase images. Session fees start at $100.00.

Where – Your session can take place wherever you like: in your home or cottage, a park, anywhere familiar and comfortable for you and your family

Time-of-Day – I prefer to use as much natural light as possible to maintain the integrity of the moment we are trying to capture; therefore, morning and afternoon sessions are best for outdoor shooting, morning and early afternoon for indoor shooting.

Set up a Session – All personal, individual or business requests are accepted please contact to setup a free consultation.