Fine Art Portraits …

A session fee covers the shoot itself, with no obligation to purchase images. Session fees start at $100.00.

Where – Your session can take place wherever you like: in your home or cottage, a park, anywhere familiar and comfortable for you and your family

Time-of-Day – I prefer to use as much natural light as possible to maintain the integrity of the moment we are trying to capture; therefore, morning and afternoon sessions are best for outdoor shooting, morning and early afternoon for indoor shooting.

Set up a Session – All personal, individual or business requests are accepted please contact ballanphotography@rogers.com to setup a free consultation.

Order Prints


Prints of all the images on this site are available for purchase in a variety of sizes:

Small Print

(up to 7 X 5 or 5 X 5)

Medium Print

(up to 8 X 10 or 8 X 8)

Large Print

(up to 20 X 16 or 16 X 16)

Digital Photographs

All digital photographs are available in a variety of formats


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